Best Practices

If you want to get the most out of MOOVIA, follow some quick tips:

The Workspace Concept: think of it as a virtual environment for a small to medium team with the same goal.
Organizing workspaces is a piece of art. The "workspace > task list > task" structure is flexible, but we usually recommend this:


(e.g. a project, a group, a business area or a customer)

Focus on the team. In essence, it's a group of people with a common goal - but if you're involved in more than 10 workspaces, you'll need a lot of redbull to keep up with all the work ;-)

Task Lists 

(e.g. process design, marketing campaign layouts or a working software)

It's a list of tasks to be done within a timeframe, with clear goals and deliverables.

Create as many as you want, but don't make them too long - "around 1 week" lists is a good practice.
Most Important: start a list with a quick planning session, and end it with a quick review session. That's why "1 week" lists have a perfect fit.

Limit your lists to 15~20 tasks, and split into multiple lists if you pass that limit, or maybe group some tasks.