Messaging & Chat

Through the MOOVIA Messaging you can communicate with your coworkers in a easy way. Manage all your conversations from one place and get notifications of new messages. 

Quick and simple, just like MOOVIA.

View All Messages
  • In order to view all messages, click on the Messaging icon at your topbar and choose to "View All Messages"

Sending New Messages
  • To send new messages, simply click on the messaging icon at your topbar and choose to "Send New Message". 

  • Add one or more people and type your message.

*You can also send messages from the recipients profile

You can Mark a Message as Read/Unread or choose to Leave the Conversation (if the chat involves more than 2 persons).
In order to do that, simply click on the editing wheel tool at the messaging card. 

By default you'll receive notifications via email whenever you receive a new message. To deactivate this function go to "edit myProfile" - "Notifications" - "Personal and Group Messages" - "No". 


An easy way to communicate with your connections by instant messaging. Don't want to be bothered? Simply go offline.

chat emoticons

  • :)    
  • ;)    
  • :/    
  • :(    
  • :D   
  • ;D   
  • :P   
  • ;P   
  • 8)   
  • $)   
  • oO  
  • :x   
  • ^^ 
  • :S  
  • <3 
  • (moovia)