Building a strong professional profile is really important, it's where you present yourself in MOOVIA. Your profile not only shows what you say - with skill tags and a professional timeline - but also reflects your real actions and what others think about you. Through a profile gamification system, you can earn badges and increase your MOOVIA Score as you engage in new projects, complete tasks on time, interact with people and so on. 

So let us show you some tips on how to build a great profile: 


The first step is about showing your Talents. Tell others what you're good at by adding Skill Tags, writing your Professional Summary and adding Languages that you use confidently.


Professional Timeline

Creating your Professional Timeline on MOOVIA is really simple. You can do this in two ways:

  • Import your LinkedIn information so your profile will automatically come into a neat professional timeline.


  • Insert your information manually, adding your education and working experiences.

The timeline is the perfect place for others to get to know your previous experiences and professional background, so don't spare the details! 


The MOOVIA score is a fun and interactive way of measuring your social engagement, efficiency, dedication on task and how much you influence people with your knowledge and ideas.

It is calculated hourly by an algorithm that applies weights to your PROFILE BADGES and generates a number between 0 and 100.

Your Score increases when you receive feedback from other people - personality tags, people following you or liking your posts, applauses you receive etc. - or even when you finish a task assigned to you on time.

But don't forget to give feedback to your team and friends too, this also increases your score!

Profile Badges

Profile Badges are directly related to your MOOVIA score, and you can earn them in 3 ways:

Personality Tags: Ask your connections to tag your personality, they can do it on the News Feed page or on your Profile page.

Social Engagement: Get used to regularly posting relevant and engaging content to the News Feed or Workspace Walls (e.g. news, knowledge or ideas), so people will interact and others will start following you, this will give you social engagement badges.

Team Work: Bring your teams to MOOVIA Workspaces. Teamwork and great accomplishments are rewarded with applauses from your coworkers.

Social Links

Link your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Vimeo, Google, Youtube, Tumblr, or Klout accounts.

Profile Editing 
Manage your Profile and Account settings.

  • Profile - Choose your custom MOOVIA id, Website, Professional Pitch, Company, Location and Birthday.
  • Talents - Add your Skills, Languages and Professional Summary. 
  • Social - Connect with others accounts like Google or Facebook.
  • Contact Info - Insert your contact informations so that others can reach you.
  • Account - Change your Email, Password, Language & Time Zone or cancel your account.
  • Notifications - Set whether you'd like to be emailed at certain events.