Network Members

You can invite anyone to your Private Network - coworkers, customers, business partnerssuppliers and so on

Adding Members
Adding members is simple. First, click on the "+" icon right next to the Network Members menu at the side bar. The next step is to search whoever you want to invite by their name or location. You can also invite by email if the person hasn't got a MOOVIA account yet. 

Members List
View all network members - check their infos, score and interact with them.
  • Send a message 

  • MOOVIA Score 

  • Contact Info

Skill Cloud
Filter members by their Skills by simply clicking at it. 

Network Admins 
Network admins can add or remove members and posts from the network. Admins can also edit the Network's Branding. 
To remove a member or set it as "admin" simply go to Network Members (at the side-menu) and click on the lower left icon at the member's profile card.

*It's important to remind that network members and even admins can only view workspaces that they are invited to.