Other Features

Gantt Chart
The Gantt Chart allows you to have an overview of all your Task Lists, in order to give a perspective of your work sequence and deadlines - just like a roadmap. 

  • Switch between Task List status or choose the Printable Version

  • Click on the chart's Task List bar to get a view of all the Tasks in that Task List

Burndown Chart
Burndown is a graphical representation of work left todo vs. time in a specific Task List - a quick view of it's progress.

  • Burndown Calculation: 

    - ESTIMATED LINE (blue area)
    Y axis "Estimated Remaining Effort" = Used Hours / % Complete (if both values are > 0) or Estimated Hours (if this value is > 0) or Zero (if those conditions are false), for all the tasks in that list.
    X axis = list start-date and end-date (defined by you when you create or edit them). 

     ACTUAL LINE (green line)
    Y axis "Actual Remaining Effort" = total story estimated effort - the sum of all the work time recorded for each task (Used Hours).
    X axis = the date each time tracking was made.

Export Tool

Download to your computer the total amount of used hours and a summary of your tasks.

  • Export Used Hours - Select Workspace Members and a Date range

  • Export Tasks - Choose between Task Lists and Assignees