Task Lists

A "Task List" is a list of tasks to be done within a timeframe, with clear goals and deliverables. Task Lists tend to last between one week and one month. They can be a process design, layouts for a marketing campaign or a working software.

TIP: Limit your Task List to 15~20 tasks, and split into multiple Task List if you pass that limit. 

Adding a Task List

To Create a new Task List select "Add Task List" in your Task Management page.

  • Select the Task List Name, Date Range, Coordinator and Category, if it suits your needs.

Editing a Task List

Select the pencil tool at the Task List bar to Edit.

  • You can either change the Task List definitions or remove it

Task List Notes

Add important notes that may help you and your team

Status & Views
  • Switch between views from Task List status - Completed, Ongoing, Unstarted or choose to View All.

  • Sort by Task List Category, Start and End Date, Coordinator or simply by Name.

Task List Categories

When your workspace has too many Task Lists, you can group them into "Categories", this will help you better organize all the work. It's not a mandatory field, so use it if it fits your needs.