Workspace Team

Here you can see who are your Workspace coworkers, add and remove Members or even send a Team Message. 

Adding Members
Adding new members can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Click on "Add Members" at your Workspace "Team" page

  • Choose if you want to invite a team from other workspaces or one specific member 

  • Confirm your invitation 

*Private Workspaces members need to be part of the Private Network first

Removing Members
To remove someone from your workspace simply move your mouse over the member's profile card and click on the "x" icon.

Sending a Team Message 
Team Message is a great tool for whenever you wish to comunicate something important or urgent to your coworkers, as they are sent to the recipient's email.

  • Click on "Send Team Message" at the Workspace "Team" page

  • Select the Workspace member(s) who will receive the message. After you finished writing, simply click on "Send Message" and it's done.  

Changing the Workspace Leader
In order to switch a Workspace Leader click on the "Edit" tool right next to your Workspace name. After the "Edit Workspace" window pops-up, go to "Workspace Leader" and select the desired member. 


*Only Workspace Leaders can edit, add or remove members from the workspace.