Time Tracking

MOOVIA has the easiest way of tracking time, it's so easy that it doesn't even look like a time tracking system.

To track time just click on the "Time Tracking" icon, at the lower right corner of your Kanban Card. 

The next step is to input the total estimated hours to get the task done, followed by the completed percentage and the amount of time you have already spent in that task.

The Time Tracking control can be done either by the Task Assignee, the Task Owner, the Task List coordinator or the Workspace Leader.   

If by any means you have tracked time by mistake, you simply rollback the amount, so the total used hours will be correct, and the TT will show a "log" of how many hours were spent in the task, when it was informed, who informed and who was the task assignee.

To view all the time records go to Tasks > Export > Used Hours